Boob "Secret Salt Shakers"

Boob "Secret Salt Shakers"


IN PROGRESS - A new batch of these is in the works and should be ready to ship by Sept 1st at the latest. Feel free to order and they’ll ship as soon as they’re out of the kiln.

We like to call these “Secret Salt Shakers“ because it’s not initially obvious what they are. They’re a little piece of art for your dinner table!

All the business happens below - fill this shaker through the small funnel on the underside, and the salt (or pepper or sugar) will stay in until you shake it out.

Porcelain with clear glaze, these are thrown on the wheel, and painted to resemble breasts. Just like in nature, no two are exactly alike. These feel great in your hand, and are fun to use!

These vary in size and exact shape but are usually 2" - 2 1/2" tall and roughly 3" wide.

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