Heidi's Pottery-77.jpg

Heidi discovered clay in a high school art class and never looked back.

Her work is made from different mid range porcelains, one of which is locally custom made for Heidi. It is fired to cone 6, and often incorporates 22k gold luster decoration. Heidi has a great attention to detail, and often spends a considerable amount of time (arguably too much) on the finishing steps of a piece, trying to get closer and closer to her idea of “perfection”.

Porcelain is so alluring with its buttery texture and the way the light plays off its surface or shines right through it.

As someone who feels the need to be creating something most of the time, Heidi took up fiber arts to be more able to have on-the-go projects. She likes to knit (and crochet) with high end yarns and creates luxurious accessories.

Based in Seattle, Heidi has a studio in the Capitol Hill neighborhood with a small showroom that is open to the public by appointment. Find her from time to time at the Fremont Sunday Market and at distinguished craft fairs and special events throughout the year.

See the Events page to find her in person.