Domestic shipping policy:

Our website is set up to use just USPS Priority Mail or First Class (for packages under 16oz only). If the shopping cart estimates the weight of your item(s) to be over 16oz, it will raise the cost of First Class to $30 to persuade you to use Priority.

Shipping multiple items:

Our shopping cart calculates by weight and includes the weight of a box with each item, so if you order multiple items the estimated weight can wind up heavier than your actual package. When your order is filled, we will refund anything collected beyond actual charges plus $2 towards the box and packing materials.

Seattle local pickup:

If you're local enough to want to come pick up your purchases at our studio on Capitol Hill or at the Fremont Sunday Market (check our Events page for our next date), you're welcome to do so! Just choose "Pickup" during checkout and we’ll be in touch with you to see what works best.

International shipping:

Our website is only set up to accept orders from within the USA. Please contact us to discuss options for international shipping - we’re happy to set something up on a case by case basis.