Wholesale Yarn Bowls

Wholesale Yarn Bowls


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On average, these are 3” - 3 1/2” tall and between 5 1/2” and 6” wide.

Our yarn bowls are a great way to keep your ball of yarn from rolling around on the floor, under the furniture, gathering dust and teasing the cat.

These bowls are hand thrown and carved. The holes and j-curve are smooth so as not to catch your yarn. They are more bottom heavy than our other work so as to be more stable and resist tipping when you tug your yarn.

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Our standard size will easily hold 50 gram balls of yarn, and many 100 gram balls as well (photos show them holding 100 gram balls). There is a swirl carved in one side so that you can remove your project from the bowl at any time, and the other side has simply a hole, in case you want a more secure attachment to the bowl and you know you won't want to remove your project before completion (plus, symmetry is appeaiing).